Free Educational Websites For Students and Teachers

Are you looking for an educational websites and blogs where you can read and learn new skills and technology. So, don’t worry we would provide some best websites, blogs, and apps in this list which will help you in study.

You can share our list with your friends to help other students. These apps, websites and blogs are user friendly and effective for students, teachers, and parents.

Online Courses

  1. coursera
  2. Udemy
  3. edx
  4. alison
  5. open learning

Video Tutorials

  1. lynda
  2. youtube
  3. khan academy
  4. ted
  5. unplugthetv


  1. codesacademy
  2. htmldog
  3. w3schools
  4. codingbat
  5. geeks for geeks

Speaking Languages

  1. Duolingo
  2. verbling
  3. busuu
  4. memrise
  5. babbel

Educational Blogs

  1. wikihow
  2. wikipedia
  3. Usersadvice
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